Friday, December 14, 2012

We are Good Parents Again

Last night a brown envelope with the "safety fix" came in the mail for our recalled bunk beds.  I felt it was important to let everyone know that we followed the company's instructions so that we cannot be held accountable anymore should a freak bunk bed accident happen.  Now it's on asian world beds or whatever their name is. 

So yeah, we spent 2 hours last night taking the bed apart and putting it together AGAIN.  We were pretty excited about it.  I mean we leave today for NYC to go get the kids on Sunday and so you know, we needed one more thing to do before we left.  Thank you bunk bed people for not making the bed right the first time.  I've been meaning to learn more about building stuff and whatnot.


  1. having little boys in the will find those building skills handy:) Good luck in NYC.

    1. Thanks Robin...we are so nervous and excited to see and meet them!

  2. What a relief. I'll call on you and James next time we build bunk beds. ;-) Good luck Sunday. I'm excited for you, and can't wait for your next post. Sending lots of love your way. XOXO

  3. You should have seen Jeff when we bought bunk beds last year. We went to every furniture store in the state... no exaggeration. He would grab the side of each bed and violently shake it while the sales guy's eyes would grow wide. We finally found a used one (1970's) that was solid and had it refinished. Who knows how much time we spent. You guys will be amazing parents. The worry is part of the package.