Tuesday, December 18, 2012

There's more cuteness

I was looking at my phone and realized that there actually was more sweetness today and that I should probably share it in the interest of balance.  Although it must be said that one of these is cute in the way that still makes me cry.  One is wonderfully entertaining - or perhaps my idea of entertainment has sunk to new lows.

1.  I had the kids paint with me this morning.  Sasha drew this picture:

He said it was for me when he finished.  And then I pointed to the three people and said, "You, Aloysia, and Dana?"  He replied, "Niet.  Sash, Mama, Baba."

2.  Dana's favorite toy is her (well, really Aviva's) play phone.  She carries it everywhere with her and she always talks on it.  I was upstairs and had just gotten off a call when she came walking up and across the room chatting on her phone.  An unending stream of some story that her imaginary friend no doubt enjoyed.  She sat on the steps, kept talking, oblivious to me, and then got up and left the room still talking.  Enjoy:


  1. Oh my goodness, isn't she just the cutest on that phone? It doesn't matter the culture, does it? Every child knows how to talk on a cell phone! haha So I know what I'm about to say next is easy because I'm not there, I don't need to communicate with her to sustain life and order, but I'm saying it anyways...I could just listen to that little girl speak Russian all day!! How cute is her little voice?! Ahhh Like I said, easy for me to say that 1000 miles away! Keep heeding to those promptings, the Lord knows it takes a village to raise these little ones and He' prepped a lot of people around you to help out!!! I love your guts!

  2. Dana and Carmen could be best friends. Who needs English?!